Streamer Assets / Press Kits

Press Kits and Asset Packs

LuGame, Lunchtime Games Club! is a romantic comedy, slice-of-life visual novel starring a harem of beautiful nerdy girls!

BAKA!™ is a forfeit card game! Tactically play your cards – the last player holding cards is the BAKA!       

Buck: Legacy™ 2nd Edition is a card based Dungeon Crawling RPG where players create their own Adventurer and fight fantasy monsters and epic bosses.

Into Clearwater is a simulation role-playing game. You play as a DOD case officer assisting the CIA to  bring down the leader of a brutal cartel. [On hold]

CasterLords™ is a single-player deck-building game about powerful warlocks caught in an eternal cycle of death and rebirth. [Project on-hold]