Dakimakura – Tifa

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From our Visual Novel, LuGame. It’s been a long day of gaming with your school friend, Tifa and it’s about time you headed home. But can Tifa find a way to convince you to stay a little longer?

Our gorgeous hugging pillows are made from  Peach Skin and fit standard 150 x 50cm inner pillows.

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Additional Information

Pillowcase only. Inner pillow not included.
Artist: HandsofMidaz
Weight: 300g
Size: 150cm x 50cm
Material: Peach Skin
Shipping Class: Bulky

Caring Instructions for your Dakimakura

  • Hand wash with cold water every 4-6 months
  • Do not apply heat (such as warm/hot water, hairdryer or ironing press)
  • Keep away from animals and piercing objects (including sharp fingernails)
  • Like any pillow, keep it off the floor and shower before cuddling

Consult Reddit for care instructions