Dakimakura – Ebony Bloodrose

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Limited Edition

You’ve finally captured Ebony Bloodrose: The Heretical Necromancer, The Shadow of Occy Wicce, The Scourge of Middenburg. Now you must bring her to the Sanctum to answer for her crimes… If you can…

Our gorgeous hugging pillows are made from  Peach Skin and fit standard 150 x 50cm inner pillows.

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Additional Information

Pillowcase only. Inner pillow not included.
Artist: Boiler3 / Maxwell Hobbes
Weight: 300g
Size: 150cm x 50cm
Material: Peach Skin
Shipping Class: Bulky

Caring Instructions for your Dakimakura
  • Hand wash with cold water every 4-6 months
  • Do not apply heat (such as warm/hot water, hairdryer or ironing press)
  • Keep away from animals and piercing objects (including sharp fingernails)
  • Like any pillow, keep it off the floor and shower before cuddling

Consult Reddit for care instructions