Buck: Legacy – Buck Coins


Buck Coins are part of the Buck: Legacy core set, acting as an initiative token.
They are not actually ‘coins’, they are plastic-based bottle opener-keyrings.

The Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition core set comes with either one of the following, chosen at random:

  • Blue Warrior
  • Green Archer

The 2018 Limited Edition coins are limited edition coins that do not come in the core set, they are:

  • Red Knight
  • Purple Batpony
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Original release year: 2014 (green/blue), 2018 (red/purple)
Version release year: 2014 (blue), 2021 (red/purple/green)
Size: 55mm (2.3″)
Age: 14+
Status: Limited Edition
Shipping Class: Light

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Blue Warrior, Green Archer, Red Knight, Purple Batpony