Our Commitments

Our Commitments

Games spread joy. If making them causes suffering, then why bother?

Due Diligence

If our game makers are having fun, then the game will be fun! This means we pay our workers everything we can afford and make sure they’re never overworked.

We may have had the odd late night, but we’ve never had a period of crunch, and that we’re proud of.

(Not) Made in China

China is the world’s largest polluter and violator of human rights. We have always maintained a strict anti-China policy.

We do not manufacture goods in China, nor are our goods ever sold to China (including cn translations and listing on the Epic Games Store).

China’s influence is almost impossible to avoid these days, so we can’t always guarantee every individual component that makes up one of our products didn’t come from China, but boy do we make it hard for them.

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Raised for charity

We support a lot of charities, but the one we are the most passionate about is Cancer Research UK.

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Electricity saved

We’ve made changes to the way to work to reduce power consumption.