LuGame: Lunchtime Games Club!

LuGame, Lunchtime Games Club! is a romantic comedy visual novel starring a harem of beautiful girls!

A games club’s without members… Or games?!
Who is this crazy robot girl? Why am I being harassed by this cute bully?
Life may not have a controller, but it certainly feels like you’re all part of one big game.


Tifa is your childhood friend, and you play together so much, people think you two are a couple!
Maybe it’s time to take this friendship to the next level!

Stacey is the President of the Student Council! This daddy’s girl loves making your life difficult!
Can you stop her from closing down the games club?!

K-T is a… Battle-Droid? And she’ll defend the Games Club at all costs!
Maybe you can teach this little robot how to love!

Alex is a transfer student from Thailand, and cultures clash in the classroom!
Is anything she says the truth? Is she really who she says she is?


  • Slice-of-life romance!
  • Approx 65,000 words.
  • Approx 5-6hrs gameplay.
  • Branching paths with three routes.
  • Banter with your friends and learn to play social games.
  • Adorable, lovable and memorable characters.
  • Datable characters with multiple endings.



  • [Complete] K-T’s Sprite Art
  • [Complete] Alex’s Sprite Art
  • [Complete] Stacey’s Sprite Art
  • [Complete] Tifa‘s Sprite Art
  • [Complete] Common Arc
  • [Complete] Alex’s Romance Arc
  • [Complete] Tifa’s Romance Arc
  • [Complete] Stacey’s Romance Arc
  • [Complete] Background Art
  • [Complete] CG Scene Art
  • [Complete] Original Music Soundtrack
  • [25% Complete] Pre-release final checks
  • [Preparing to roll out] Publishing (Keys sent out)


OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 / MacOS X / Linux
Processor: 1.8GHz Dual-Core CPU
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Integrated graphics
Storage: 2 GB Available Space


Players: 1
Age: 7+
Languages: English
Genre: Anime, Visual Novel.
Shipping class: Digital
Stand-alone game.