Immortal Emperor

Content presented here is in-development and does not represent the final product.
Game and Character names and character appearances may change during development.

Deep in the mistfallen valleys of Eawyn lies the green, mossy ruins of an ancient shrine; a long-forgotten portal to some other world or some other time.

Every couple of hundred years, a Mage-Warrior will appear from the portal, perhaps brought into this world by some benevolent spirit or banished from their own world by a fearful deity.

The Mage-Warriors may take different and strange forms, but each bristles with overwhelming power and is compelled to march upon the dark ruler of Eawyn: the Immortal Emperor.

Sitting on his gilded throne, the Immortal Emperor towers above the realm atop his twisted iron fortress. The shadows of hundreds of vanquished Mage-Warriors burned into its walls.

Become a Mage-Warrior and lay waste to the Immortal Emperor’s legions of dark warriors and pillage the land for legendary artifacts in pursuit of your own glory.

Immortal Emperor (name pending) is a single player deck-building card game for PC.

During each round, you will use a basic deck to gather mana and acquire more powerful cards for your deck while defending from an onslaught of Monsters and the Immortal Emperor’s armies.

There are three planned playable characters, each a powerful Mage-Warrior appearing from the portal.

Siegfried of Lorheim, The Ashen Avenger

In another life, he must have been a righteous nobleman or general. Siegfried is an honourable warrior who treats the lowly denizens of Eawyn with respect and dignity.
His unique cards are balanced and straightforward.

Katarina, the Ebon Illusion

The ruthless assassin Katarina uses poisons, toxins, and traps to dispatch her opponents.
She is armed with two frighteningly sharp steel claws.
Her unique cards are combos and instant-kills.

Nazrun the Unmoved, The Crimson Hand

A powerful mage with no regard for human suffering, Nazrun uses his strength to pluck what he wants from the hapless people of Eawyn and carelessly discards his allies lives.
His unique cards are obscenely powerful but require sacrifice.


The game is currently in Sprint 3/6. All of the basic functions have been implemented, all that’s left is the advanced card functions and replacing placeholder artwork with rendered artwork.


OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128mb
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Storage: 1 GB Available Space


Players: 1
Age: 7+
Languages: English
Tags: Strategy, Fantasy
Stand-alone game.

Game Design: @urban_meadows
Programming: @JohntyClark
Character Design: @copypastus
3D Art: @atelierjordan
2D Art: