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Here’s our all-purpose email for any query about any product we sell, including shipping, rule FAQ and business email (It’s an image to stop bots from sending us spam).

Alternatively, you can Follow/Tweet/DM us directly on Twitter:
Project Lead’s Twitter: @urban_meadows
Buck: Legacy Twitter: @buckcardgame
LuGame Twitter: @LuGameVN


Q: “Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state.”
A: We are testing a new payment gateway, if the red checkout button doesn’t work, you can continue to use the PayPal express checkout, which looks like this:

Q: “I have a question about Buck: Legacy rules!”
Please check the Buck: Legacy 2nd Edition FAQ page before sending us an email, as your question may already have been answered 🙂

Q: “I don’t use PayPal, can I pay using a debit/credit card?”
Sure! We’d be happy to help. Send us an email and we can invoice you via Square.

Q: “Can I stream and/or make let’s plays/dramatic readings of your video games?”
Please do! You have our permission to monetise Streams/Let’s Plays/Dramatic Readings of any of our video games. If you do, please include a link to this website and/or the Steam store page! Thank you.