Note: This game is in development. Some graphics are currently placeholders. Thank you.


CasterLords is a single-player deck-building game about powerful warlocks caught in an eternal cycle of death and rebirth.
You are placed in a fantasy world and presented a challenging gauntlet of enemies to overcome, armed with a custom-built arsenal of magic spells, weapons, and ancient artifacts.


  • Many simple rules combine to make tactical gameplay.
  • Discover and collect new cards along your journey and use them to fine-tune your deck!
  • Procedurally-generated campaigns with dozens of scenarios, no two playthroughs are alike!
  • The final boss of each campaign is your character from the previous one, who will fight you with the same deck you built to get him there!
  • Five CasterLords planned at launch, with more on the way – each with multiple unique decks to change up your playstyle!


A powerful mage obsessed with the pursuit of forbidden knowledge. Nazrun’s unique cards heavily focus on casting magic spells, trading survivability for raw power.

Ka’ri spreads her seeds of flame to burn away the old world, and in her wake, new life blooms. Her unique cards have lingering effects, and she can transform into her beast-form for a burst of power.

This ruthless assassin uses poisons, toxins, and traps to dispatch her opponents. What she lacks in magic, she makes up for with an arsenal of weapons and items. Stack combos are deal devastating damage!

An honourable warrior who treats the lowly denizens of Eawyn with respect and dignity. His unique cards boast flexibility, offering a balance between power, defense, and magic.

Harness the powers of destruction and reconstruction with this Lepisian warlock! Her unique card’s can break cards down to their core components and then rebuild them into new forms.


Deep in the mistfallen valleys of Eawyn lies the green, mossy ruins of an ancient shrine; a long-forgotten portal to some other world or some other time.Every so often, a CasterLord will appear from this sacred portal, perhaps brought into this world by some benevolent spirit or banished from their own world by a fearful deity.

These CasterLords may take different and strange forms, but each bristles with overwhelming power and is compelled to take over the kingdom.
Sitting on his gilded throne, the Immortal Emperor towers above the realm atop his twisted iron fortress. The shadows of hundreds of vanquished CasterLords burned into its walls, will you be able to defeat him and unlock the secrets behind the mysterious appearances of the CasterLords?


  • The Demo lacks many quality-of-life features, such as Tooltips, History and Interactive Tutorial – we plan to implement these and more when we get funding.
  • Demo includes up to 250 cards.
  • Final game estimated to include more than 1,000 cards.
  • If we get enough support, we can include even more CasterLords and Steam Workshop integration, allowing players to create their own cards, and CasterLords!
  • Provisional PEGI Rating: 12 (Fantasy Violence)
  • Developed by H. Hochkins, a games developer with 8 years experience that specialises in card games.
  • No microtransactions or loot boxes. Every card and character is unlockable via game progression.

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