From developer H. Hochkins (Buck: Legacy, BAKA!, LuGame) and Hollulu (Grotto Beasts, Jerma’s Dollhouse) comes UMP’s most ambitious game to date: CasterLords.

Explore the world of Eawyn to collecting artifacts, weapons and spells to enhance your Caster Lord’s power in this never before-seen deck-building experience.

“My first session lasted 7 hours, it's that good.”

"I'm a long-standing fan of card games, especially deck-builders like Hearthstone and Slay the Spire, CasterLords is the game I never knew I needed. It scratches the itch neither of those games could reach."


“Simplicity is perfection, it is what’s left after filing away everything that is unnecessary.”
                -Ley Swordsmith

Simple gameplay, fathomless depth. CasterLords’ battle system rewards strategic thinking to overcome fiendish opponents.


“They came from the darkness, those accursed Caster Lords, caught in the endless cycle of death.”
                                -Tapestry of Karthos

The game launches with five powerful CasterLords, each with their own unique deck and playstyle, with more arriving in later updates.


Become captivated in a lore-rich world packed with unique races and quests as you fight to uncover the secret behind the CasterLords and their mysterious, unending conflict. 

Demo out now!

With six levels and an optional interactive tutorial, the super-lightweight (200MB) Steam demo has enough to keep you entertained for hours.

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Release date?

The game has been development for about 3 years but we need to secure the final round of funding before we can finish it.

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When the Kickstarter launches late in 2023, backing can get you exclusive content for the game, as well as having cards, events and even entire adventures that feature your original character(s).

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