Buck: Legacy

“Get all satisfaction of a tabletop roleplaying session in less time than it takes to set up a character for one!”

Buck: Legacy™ is a card based Dungeon Crawling RPG where players create their character from 3 pony races and 10 adventurer classes. Gameplay revolves around fighting monsters and earning gold pieces to purchase equipment to add to their inventory.

Players can be freely co-operative or competitive. Players aim to win by collecting the most medals, which are awarded for fighting monsters, traveling distance and defeating bosses.


Enormous customisation and replayability with the huge array of classes and races!
The tabletop RPG experience condensed into a card game! Fast and satisfying RP experience!
The flexible game system encourages modding and house rules.


Buck: Legacy English Rulebook Download (1.44 MB)
Cards: 168
Players: 2-6
Playing Time: 60-120min
Age: 14+
Shipping Class: Bulky
Stand-alone game


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