Baka! is a pocket-sized forfeit game!

  • Be the first to get rid of your cards!
  • The last player holding any cards loses!
  • The loser is at the mercy of the teasing and punishments of your friends!

Check above below for the rules in different languages!

Bring it everywhere! Its small size makes it perfect for conventions, meetups, school/college/uni, on a train, on a plane, at a hotel, or at a bar/restaurant.

Baka! is fun and simple card game, like Chase the Ace/Old Maid or Go Fish, with enough replay value for hours entertainment with friends and family, Baka! is easy to pick up and play for any audience – even if you’re new to the card game scene.

  • All of the cards are printed with cute anime illustrations that have a great personality and made with care and love.
  • Baka! is a standalone game: there are no expansions or booster packs.



Contains 52 cards + rules
Players: 3-6
Playing Time: 10-15min
Age: 7+
Shipping Class: Light
Stand-alone game.
Art: @8bit_Witch


An official mod for Tabletop Simulator of BAKA!

  • Completely Free!
  • Supports up to 6 players over the internet!
  • Over 7,000 downloads!
  • Awarded Berserk Game’s spotlight of the week

Play with up to 6 players online for free on the Tabletop Simulator Steam Workshop!
Simply click the green subscribe button on the Steam Workshop and start playing!